M Series
Instructor App

With the M Series Instructor App, instructors can view all the Keiser M3i Bikes, M5i Strider Ellipticals and M3i Total Body Trainers in a group class in a single list, with options to sort and view live data in a simple scrolling view with options for sorting.

The app serves as a simple tool for monitoring participants in real time, making it handy for coaches, trainers and instructors to follow progress. The app does not require any additional hardware or systems.

Additional features

  • Upon launch, app displays data for all M Series equipment within range
  • Bluetooth®-enabled M3i Indoor Bikes, M5i Strider Ellipticals or M3i Total Body Trainers appear automatically, along with ride data (older model M Series cardio machines also appear on the app, but without data)
  • Instructors can sort data by bike ID, power, cadence and heart rate
  • Summary page shows average and accumulated values for individual participants, along with real-time data
  • Option to auto-scroll through the list of participants in a class
  • Collects and stores data for each participant in cloud platform, allowing for an historical view of workouts and the ability to track progress
  • Offers option to export data as a simple text file that outlines participant averages
Full class screen
Summary page

Download the M Series Instructor App from the App Store/Google Play.

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