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Keiser PowerED for cardio gives you the skills, tools and techniques you need to take your cardio classes to the next level. Our research-based educational courses, developed by Keiser’s world-renowned cardio Master Trainers, will help you lead group cycling sessions that are more effective and more fun.


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Our online courses give you the same in-depth information as our in-person classes — but at your convenience.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of Keiser cycles, including how to set up new riders, adjust the resistance system and understand the metrics
  • How to plan and lead effective, high-energy workouts
  • Some of the most popular Keiser cardio classformats and drills

Ready to take the first step? Our cardio Foundations class teaches you the essentials of training on Keiser, and is a requirement for our more advanced courses.

We periodically offer our 8-hour, in-person cardio Foundations class at leading health clubs. Or you can study at your own pace in your own facility — or even your own home — through our online correspondence course.

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Training programs

  • Foundations $1,595.00 ($2,595.00, travel expenses included)
    On-site, 8-hour course to become a Keiser indoor group cycling instructor.

Training workshops

  • Empowered $499.00 2 Hours
    Tips and techniques to empower riders to develop skills beyond basics.
  • Accelerate $499.00 2 Hours
    Adapt road-cycling techniques to improve your indoor cycling experience.
  • Technology $499.00 2 Hours
    Take full advantage of cycling technology to maximize your rides.
  • Power $499.00 2 Hours
    Learn power-based workouts to unleash the full potential of Keiser bikes.
  • Climb $499.00 2 Hours
    Build strength and inspire riders through challenging hill training.
  • Create $499.00 2 Hours
    Leverage proven workouts to develop rides that excite and surprise.
  • Extend $499.00 2 Hours
    Introduce pre- and post-cycling yoga stretches for a more dynamic ride.
  • Master Class $249.00 1 Hour
    An engaging and inspiring showcase of the best in indoor rides.

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