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Unleash your potential with The Ride by Keiser education series. Our cutting-edge courses, designed by Keiser elite Cardio Master Trainers, provide the skills, tools and techniques to transform your cardio classes. Whether it’s group indoor cycling classes or strider workouts, dive into the exhilarating world of group classes and make your sessions more effective and engaging than ever. Start with our Foundations course, your gateway to mastering Keiser indoor cycling and experience the thrill of our 8-hour in-person training course. If your team has the know-how but need a little extra, try our 4-hour Ride Essentials to learn our top three training programs Rush, Race and Rhythm. Lastly, if your teams need a refresher, work with us to create the perfect virtual workshop combination.


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Our online courses give you the same in-depth information as our in-person classes — but at your convenience.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of Keiser cycles, including how to set up new riders, adjust the resistance system and understand the metrics
  • How to plan and lead effective, high-energy workouts
  • Some of the most popular Keiser cardio classformats and drills

Ready to take the first step? Our cardio Foundations class teaches you the essentials of training on Keiser, and is a requirement for our more advanced courses.

We periodically offer our 8-hour, in-person cardio Foundations class at leading health clubs. Or you can study at your own pace in your own facility — or even your own home — through our online correspondence course.

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The Ride Training Programs

  • Foundations $1595 or $2595
    On-site, 8-hour course with a Keiser Master Trainer, provide your instructors with all the tools, techniques and tips to instruct on the Keiser M3i’s. Learn the foundations of Keiser group indoor cycling, planning and leading classes, understanding power and other intensity metrics, popular class formats, ride profiles and more. New Instructors to All Levels of Riders. ACE, AFAA, and NASM continuing education credits. $1595: Fee plus expenses. $2595: Fee (Keiser covers all expenses).
  • Essentials $895 (plus expenses)
    On-site, 4-hour course with a Keiser Master Trainer, providing knowledge to instructors on designing and developing rides plus coaching and communication. Learn to design rides for Rush, Race, and Rhythm formats. Ideal for: Instructors with indoor cycling experience looking for the next level of training. ACE, AFAA, and NASM continuing education credits.
  • Keiser Virtual Education $150
    90-minutes of virtual education with a Keiser Master Trainer, individualized focus and Q, no limit on attendees. *CEU application cost additional.
  • On-Line Foundations $250
    Our on-line course provides the same in-depth information as is in-person trainings – but at your convenience. Provide your instructors with all the tools, techniques and tips to instruct on the Keiser M3i’s. Ideal for: All Levels of Riders.

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