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Color. Motion. Variety.
Project a better indoor cycling experience.

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Redesigned. Reengineered. Reenergized.

When we redesigned the M Series Group App, we set out to make it the most valuable tool of it’s kind. We made it clean, vibrant, flexible, and easy to use.

Then, we made it free.

Free Software

Download and use the app for free! And our hardware-lite approach is very affordable to operate.

easy to Learn and use

The M Series Group App is intuitive to navigate and easy to use while instructing a class.

Any style. Any Rider.

With so many options available in one app, instructors can create experiences for power, rhythm, or almost any other type of class.

M Series Group App

Part of An integrated ecosystem of data
and Design

The M Series Group App is part of an ecosystem that ties the bike and rider into an integrated class experience.

Keiser Cardio Data Ecosystem

Connect the workout with the digital world.

M Series Group App

Project from almost any Android tablet (recommended) or phone.

M Connect Display

Sends rider data from M3i and M3i Lite indoor bikes to Keiser M Series apps.

Studio Display

Sends rider data, including FTP, Max HR, and weight, from M3i Studio and M3i Studio Plus indoor bikes to Keiser M Series apps.

M Series App

Displays live metrics and stores ride data on riders’ personal mobile devices.

Triple Redundant Receiver

Connects multiple M3i, M3i Lite, M3i Studio, and M3i Studio Plus indoor bikes to the M Series Group App to receive rider data.


The tools instructors need to get creative

Choose from a variety of workout modes, metrics, and data presentations for almost any workout you want to create.

A variety
of Workout Modes

The M series Group App gives you a variety of workout modes to choose from.

  • 5-Zone FTP
  • 6-Zone FTP
  • 7-Zone FTP
  • 5-Zone HR
  • Rhythm
  • RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

A wide array
of metrics

You have a whole toolbox of metrics to display during your workout, depending on the workout mode you choose.

  • Distance
  • Calories
  • FTP
  • Power (Watts)
  • Cadence
  • Heart Rate
  • Watts/Kg
  • Activity Points

Colorful Data Views that motivate riders

The M Series Group App gives you a variety of workout modes to choose from.

  • Gauges View
  • Table View
  • Cards View
  • Class View

Incentivize riders to stay in the zone.

Keiser’s activity point system motivates riders to work harder but stay within the prescribed zone. When riders follow your program, they get a better ride experience and better results.

Available Summer, 2024.

Top of the zone: More points

Riders get more activity points by riding near the top of the prescribed zone.

Outside the zone: Fewer points

Riders get fewer activity points by riding outside the prescribed zone.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Using technology in your indoor cycling classes shouldn't be difficult. So, we made the M Series Group App easy.

Quick-and-easy onboarding

Getting started is easy because we focused on making it intuitive. You won’t have to hunt for features, read instructions, or search the internet for answers.

Easy to use

If it’s hard to use, instructors won’t use it. Practical functionality and finger-friendly controls make it easy to use — even while riding.

Fast and flexible

You have a wide variety of options at your fingertips. That makes it quick and easy to make program decisions on the fly.


Deliver fresh experiences. keep members coming back.

Clean design, vibrant color and animation, and a wide array of data presentations make it easy to create fresh, fun, and engaging workout experiences.

Motivation through Gamification

Use teamwork and competition to inspire riders to work harder.

Team challenges

Turn workouts into fun and fiery competitions. Automatically split your class into teams and use competition to motivate them to work harder and get a better workout.

(Available Summer, 2024)

Ranked Rides

Let the leaderboard mentality push rider performance to new levels. Rank riders according to distance, avg. Watts/Kg, avg. FTP, calories, or activity points.

Unranked rides

Non-competitive, unranked rides are also available for times when ranked rides are not necessary.

Remove metrics of riders who don’t want their data displayed.

Riders’ data can be hidden or removed completely from the data display.

Switch up the rider data Experience

Change data views throughout your ride to keep the visual experience fresh. Layouts can display riders in both ranked and unranked order.

Gauges View

Gauge View lets your class see where they are in the zone in real-time.

Table View

Table View displays up to three metrics. And it can include more riders per screen than Cards View.

Cards View

Cards View displays zone and metrics using larger numbers with fewer riders per screen than Table View.

Class View

Bring your class together as a team.

The M Series Group App’s class view inspires the class to work together toward shared results, regardless of ability.

Set goals with a wide array of metrics.

Set goals and benchmark performance using FTP, Watts, RPM, Watts/Kg, or Keiser’s point system.

Intervals made easy

Create HIIT workouts on the fly directly from your tablet with the tap of a finger.


Easy to start and stop

Start and stop intervals instantly with the tap of your finger. Starting a new interval from a current interval is just as easy.


Customize metrics on the fly

You decide which metrics to display in your interval. And you can use different metrics for different intervals. Choose from distance, avg. Watts/Kg, avg. FTP, calories, or points. Display up to 3 metrics in Table View.


Choose your data view

You have the same view options in an interval as you do outside it. Choose from Gauges View, Cards View, or Table View in which you can display up to three metrics. And in Class View, you can pull your whole class together in one team under a variety of metrics.


Compare your previous benchmark

The app automatically displays the metrics from your previous interval. It provides a clear benchmark to motivate your class to work harder.

Choose the right workout

Know who is connected
And what Data is Available.

When you know who is connected and with what types of data, it's easy to choose the right workout and the right metrics to display.

How many riders are connected to the M Series Group App.

How many riders are sharing MaxHR or FTP via the the display on indoor bikes from the M3i Studio line. The metric you see depends on the type of workout you select.

How many riders are sharing heart rate via a heart rate monitor connected to any indoor bike from the M3i line.

How many riders are sharing weight via the the display on indoor bikes from the M3i Studio line. Use it for Watts/Kg metrics.

Individual rider’s MaxHR, FTP, heart rate, and weight has been shared.

Individual rider’s bike ID number.

Get your class ready
for their workout.

Built-in features you can use to help your class to get the most from their workout.

FTP Testing

The M Series Group App includes both a 5- and 20-minute FTP test. You can end the test at any time and the M Series Group App will approximate a proper FTP for your riders.

FTP and HR zone discussion materials

The M Series Group App provides interactive educational content you can use to lead discussions about FTP and HR zone training.

Educational Videos

The app includes video content you can play before a workout to educate riders about indoor cycling.


Give everyone a sense of accomplishment. Create benchmarks for next time.

Create a sense of accomplishment

Don’t just show results. Celebrate accomplishment for rides and team challenges with color and animation.

Dig into details to Reveal insights

The ride summary lets you see the data for the whole session and in each interval. You can review performance across a wide array of metrics including FTP, Miles, KCal, FTP %, Watts, RPM, BPM, and Watts/Kg.

Give them a reason to return

Motivate your class to return and conquer the next challenge. Use your summary metrics as a benchmark to be improved in the next session.

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Created Exclusively for ...

Keiser Indoor Bikes

The Keiser M Series Group App was designed for group cycling studios that use Keiser’s M3i Series indoor bikes.









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