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Ride by Color™

Full-color feedback to track FTP and HR zones. Customized for five, six, or seven power zones.

Personalized metrics

Enter your info to get personalized metrics and new ways to track intensity.

72 Gears

More gears make it easy to find the perfect resistance level.

No cords, no batteries

Never change batteries again. Our pedal-powered supercapacitor delivers continuous activation.

The latest connectivity

Connects to apps and devices via ANT+™ and Bluetooth® CSCS, CPS, and FTMS.

Track intensity Four ways.

Switch between modes during your ride for a three-dimensional ride experience.

5, 6, or 7 FTP Zones

Enter your FTP for Ride by Color™ FTP zone display. Choose five-, six-, or 
seven-zone option.

Heart Rate

Enter your HRMax and pair a heart-rate monitor with the display for Ride by Color™ HR display.


Now cardiac patients — and anyone else — can use METs to track exercise intensity on an indoor bike.


You can always access speed mode to track exercise intensity by speed (MPH or KM/H).


Compatible with a variety of health 
and fitness apps

The Studio Display can send your cadence, speed, power, and heart rate data to fitness apps. It syncs with devices using ANT+ and Bluetooth® CSCS, CPS, and FTMS.

Connects with more heart rate monitors

with Bluetooth® and ANT+.


Compatible with all major projection systems

The display can send rider data to leading projection systems — including Keiser M Series Group App. But while connected to a projection system, it can also share data with apps on a user's smartphone or tablet at the same time.

Easy leasing available.

The Keiser Ecosystem

connect the workout with the digital world.

Connect the workout to the digital world through a seamless universe of engineering, technology, and content.

Apps for Studios


Newly redesigned and free! Project a better indoor cycling experience.

Virtual Indoor Cycling Classes


Ride with world-renowned instructors on-demand at home.


On-demand class content with features for studios.

For all riders
M Series App
  • Graphic real-time ride data.
  • Personalized metrics based on your profile data.
  • Capture and save your full workout history.
  • Guided workout sessions.
  • FTP testing and estimation tool.

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Engineered to perform.
Built to last.

Innovative engineering. Solidly reliable. And simply, a better ride.

Proven Durability. Lowest Cost of Ownership over time.

Made in USA with domestic and globally sourced material.



  • V-shaped frame to accommodate riders of all body shapes and sizes from 4’10” to 7’ tall.

  • Magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet workout.

  • Infinite incremental resistance changes.

  • Rear-wheel design for protection from sweat and corrosion.

  • M Series Pedal designed to meet the needs of group indoor cycling demands.

  • Self-tensioning Poly-V® belt drive for low maintenance and reliability.

  • Robust adjustment knobs that require less maintenance than cam-locks.

  • Four-way adjustable seat.

  • Four-way adjustable handlebars.

  • Media tray, stretch pads, water bottle holder.

  • Transport wheels for ease of transport.


49" / 1245 mm


26" / 661 mm


51" / 1296 mm


92 lbs / 42 kg

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V-Shaped Frame

Matches riders from 4’10” to 7’

(1473 mm to 2233 mm) tall with a weight capacity of 350 pounds (159 kg).

Road-bike frames vary 
to fit riders of different sizes.

Keiser’s v-shaped frame mimics the sizing of different road-bike frames.

The M3i Indoor Bike's seat and handlebars to adjust for legs, torsos, and arms of different sizes.

Fore and aft seat
and handlebar adjustments enable 
a perfect fit.

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Rear-Flywheel Design

More reliable. Better protected.

Sweat can lead to corrosion, additional maintenance, and shorter bike life.

Keiser moved vulnerable mechanisms out of the “sweat zone”

By moving the flywheel to the rear, Keiser moved the bike’s drivetrain and other vulnerable parts out of the rider’s “sweat zone.”

  • Reduces the need for more maintenance.
  • Protects against corrosion.
  • Extends the life of the bike.

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Poly-v Belt Drivetrain

A quiet, smooth, experience
— and no maintenance.

The Poly-V belt is perfect for transmitting high loads over very small pulleys.

designed for magnetic resistance.

We designed the industry's first indoor bike with magnetic resistance and we designed a drivetrain to go with it. Then, we added it to our elliptical.

The key to the M5 Series drivetrain is its single Poly-V belt. It transmits high loads over very small pulleys. This enables M5 Series ellipticals to achieve a smooth and quiet experience.

Poly-V Belt

The choice of automotive manufacturers

The Poly-V belt is the preferred choice of automotive manufacturers. They use it to run the accessories on the front of car engines because it’s so quiet, durable, and reliable.

No required maintenance, zero adjustments

  • Pre-tension design requires zero adjustment.
  • Drive-train requires no maintenance other than routine inspection.

Avoids the problems of many indoor cardio equipment designs

  • No complex, multi-belt drivetrain.
  • No unnecessary noise and vibration of a cog belt.

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Curved crank arms to fit every rider

We curved the crank arms on our indoor bikes to fit a wider variety of riders and their workout shoes.

M Series Pedal

Tested for over 30 million cycles
at 290 lbs and 120 RPMs

Built to withstand demands of group cycling

  • Stronger bearings tested for static and dynamic loads experienced when rider gets on, off, and rides the bike.
  • Forged chromoly steel axle heat-treated for maximum strength.
  • Standard workout shoes or cycling shoes with SPD cleats.

Guided Tour

The M Series Pedal

See how every detail is engineered to exceed industry standards. The result is not just a more user-friendly pedal. It's also a more durable commercial-grade pedal.

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Easy to transport

With fewer parts, a lighter flywheel, and precise weight distribution, M3 Series bikes are very ease to move. And their small footprint makes them easy to place and store.


Quick, Easy, and Convenient By Design.

Large, easy-turn height adjustment: Oversized knobs are easy to loosen and retighten. Pin plunger design is simple to operate, secure, and require less maintenance that cam-locks.

Easy-to-adjust seat and handlebars: Quick, intuitive horizontal adjustments of seat and handlebars, in addition to vertical.

Stretch pads: Facilitate pre- and post-ride stretching.

Simplified maintenance: M Series drivetrain can be accessed by removing only eight screws versus over three times more on some competitors’ bikes.

Water bottle holder: Fits both large and small water bottle sizes.

Easy-access shifter: Handlebar-mounted design is easier and safer to operate — especially when riding out of the saddle. And the lever design is more intuitive and easier to operate than many knob-based designs.

Standard media tray: Removable media tray holds mobile phones and tablets.

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