The Ride Studio. Ride Ready.

Your Cycling Studio no longer has to sit idle.

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Virtual indoor cycling classes for the studio

Deliver a world-class
Member Experience

Members get a great class experience — just as they would with an in-person instructor.

Run classes
around the clock

Studios no longer have to sit idle. Now, you can offer classes whenever your doors are open.

Class Scheduling

Program directors can create schedules with the classes they want — when they want them.

"The Ride Studio has helped tremendously.
We currently run classes all day long, every day of the week."


Club Manager

Can’t find a sub? The Ride Studio is the perfect solution for last-minute emergencies.

world-renowned instructors

With a click, The Ride Studio is open for business with three signature workout styles.


Members get more done in less time with empowering 30-minute classes that deliver the post-workout benefits of HIIT.


For members who love to move and groove to the beat of the music and the pace of the ride.


Members can build power and strength with a focus on training in the correct intensity zones.

"Workouts are well-designed and are both motivating and fun.
Keiser really understands indoor cycling."


Club Trainer

Take a quick tour of our
class content.

Hear the music and feel the energy of Ride Rush, Ride Rhythm, and Ride Race classes from The Ride Studio.

See our content for yourself.

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You provide the instructor.
we provide the ride.

Perfect for ...

New instructors
Leading an unfamiliar ride format
Don’t have time to create new workouts
Need help with workout design

Ride Ready provides ...

Format, structure,
and Pacing

Each ride is designed by Keiser’s world-renowned team of instructors using one of our three signature formats.

Music Playlist

Motivating, DJ-inspired, royalty-free music that makes each workout energizing and fun.

instructor Prompts

On-screen prompts help the instructor direct the class through the stages, drills, and intervals of the ride.

See what Ride Ready has 
to offer.

Take a look at what the Ride Ready experience can offer your members and instructors.

Powerful. Easy to use.
Check out Ride Ready for yourself.

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automated scheduling
Makes Program planning easy

Schedule the programming you want, when you want it. The Ride Studio does the rest.

"We simply schedule our workouts one to two weeks in advance,
and hit play each morning."


Club Manager

Find your rides

View the wide range of workouts available and choose rides based on instructor, duration, class type, and language.

Schedule your rides

Choose the rides you want and when you want them to play. You can schedule rides days, weeks, or even months ahead of time.

Countdown Clock

Before class starts, a countdown clock tells members how much time they have. When the clock strikes zero, the scheduled class begins automatically.

Quick tour:
Automated Scheduler

See how easy it is to set up and activate a schedule in this quick two-minute video.

Powerful. Easy to use.
See the automatic scheduler for yourself.

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Unlimited classes.
one low Monthly Fee.

"Now we can offer as many classes a day as we want."


Club Owner

Single Location

Multiple Locations

One-time Set-up Fee



Monthly subscription fee



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"It is both a cost and time efficient solution."


Club Manager

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