The New Studio Display

Advanced features bring your ride data to life.

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Available only on...


Designed to support the unique capabilities of the Studio Display.



Only M3i Studio and M3i Studio Plus indoor bikes support the Studio Display.
Other models, such as M3i, M3i Lite, and M3 indoor bikes, do not support the Studio Display.

For Home, Studio, and Medical Use

The features of the new Studio Display make it the ultimate display — no matter 
where you ride.

Ride by Color™

Enter your FTP and HRmax for color-coded FTP and heart rate zones to make monitoring intensity levels easy, engaging, and instantaneous.

72 Gears

More gears make it easy to fine-tune resistance to find the right intensity.

Latest wireless
fitness technology

Supports ANT+™ and Bluetooth® CSCS, CPS, and FTMS standards. Ensures compatibility with new apps and devices for years to come.

No cords, No Batteries

Never change batteries again. Our pedal-powered supercapacitor delivers continuous activation.

86% Larger Screen

The Studio Display is 86% larger screen area than Keiser’s M Connect Display.

Easily identify Your Bike

Find your bike on projections and when pairing with prominent, on-screen bike ID number.

Track intensity Four ways.

Switch between modes during your ride for a three-dimensional ride experience.

5, 6, or 7 FTP Zones

Enter your FTP for Ride by Color™ FTP zone display. Choose five-, six-, or 
seven-zone option.

Heart Rate

Enter your HRMax and pair a heart-rate monitor with the display for Ride by Color™ HR display.


Now cardiac patients — and anyone else — can use METs to track exercise intensity on an indoor bike.


You can always access speed mode to track exercise intensity by speed (MPH or KM/H).

Plus all the standard data ...

  • RPM
  • Power (Watts)
  • Gear (1–72)
  • Duration
  • Kilocalories
  • Distance

Optimized for home, studio, or Medical use.

The M3i’s new Studio Display can be configured for use in a public or private setting.

Private (home, office, etc.)

Remembers your previous data: Automatically remembers your FTP, HRMax, and weight data so you don’t have to re-enter your data to start a new ride.

Public (gym, rehab clinic, etc.)

Resets data after each ride: Automatically resets all user-provided data after each ride to prevent user errors and help keep personal information private.

Find the ideal resistance
with 72 gears

We’ve increased the M3i’s gears from 24 to 72 so you can fine-tune resistance with smaller increments to find the right intensity.

Hit your power target

More gears make it easier to achieve your target power (watts) at any cadence.

Better for more users

Smaller jumps in resistance from finer gear increments help all levels of riders get a better workout.

Connectivity made easy with the latest technology

The Studio Display uses the latest wireless fitness and cycling-specific standards to ensure connectivity now and in the future.

Cycling and fitness apps

The Studio Display can share data with the latest cycling and fitness apps.

Live heart-rate data

The Studio Display can display live heart-rate data continuously throughout the ride from heart rate straps, smart bands, and smart watches.

Projection systems

The Studio Display works with all major group fitness projection systems.


Compatible with a variety of health 
and fitness apps

The Studio Display can send your cadence, speed, power, and heart rate data to fitness apps. It syncs with devices using ANT+ and Bluetooth® CSCS, CPS, and FTMS.


Compatible with all major projection systems

The display can send rider data to leading projection systems — including Keiser M Series Group App. But while connected to a projection system, it can also share data with apps on a user's smartphone or tablet at the same time.

Easy to identify your bike with On-screen Bike number

Quickly find your M3i in a room full of bikes when ...

  • Syncing apps and devices with your M3i.
  • Finding your ride data on a class projection system.

Get key 
performance metrics
inside intervals

Start and stop timed intervals to manage work and recovery — and get key performance
data including ...

  • Average power
  • Average RPM
  • Average METs
  • Average heart rate
  • Average gear
  • Average % of FTP
  • Average % of HRMax
  • Total duration
  • Total Kilocalories
  • Total distance

Track only the performance you want
with Quick Reset

The display’s quick reset feature makes it easy to reset ride data — such as after warm up. With quick reset, your performance metrics reflect only the exercise you want to track.

Set goals and monitor results with
ride data summary

Review your ride performance in detail after you end your ride with key metrics including ...

  • Average power
  • Average RPM
  • Average heart rate
  • Average gear
  • Average % of FTP
  • Average METs
  • Average % of HRMax
  • Total intervals completed
  • Total duration
  • Total Kilocalories
  • Total distance

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