The New M Connect Display

Simple to connect

No additional setup or external devices required

The new M Connect Display has been upgraded to include the technology in our M Series Converter. It can connect to devices, such as phones, tablets, and select wearables — up to two at the same time* — without additional setup or external devices.

Available on

M3i Indoor Bike

M5i Strider Elliptical

*To connect the M Connect Display to two different devices at the same time, one device must be using Keiser’s M Series app, M Series Group app, or M Series Instructor app. For more information about app compatibility, visit

Connect to third-party apps and training content




BKool Fitness


Tacx Training







BKool Cycling

**Support for iOS app only

The M Connect Display can share data, such as power, cadence, speed, and heart rate with a wide array of popular, health and fitness apps and on‑demand training content as well as Keiser's M Series apps on connected devices.

Home customers

  • Connect to your choice of training content such as remote group classes and on‑demand virtual riding experiences.
  • Share your workout data with different apps running on up to two devices at the same time*.

Commercial customers

  • Offer your users the option of an “at‑home” app experience with the convenience of using equipment in the studio.
  • Use the same equipment for connected group exercise. The M Connect Display connects to all the same packages as Keiser's Studio Display.

The Studio Display for commercial customers

The M3i Studio Display is still available for commercial customers who want to offer connected group exercise without the option to use health and fitness apps and training content. It also fully supports Keiser's M Series apps.

Keiser Interactive Cycling

Enhance your rides and instruction with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) training and more from Keiser’s indoor cycling apps and group class system.

The latest, connected fitness technology

The M Connect Display uses the latest FTMS technology (Fitness Machine Service protocol) to connect to compatible devices. You can rest assured that your display will be compatible with new devices, apps, and content for years to come.