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Enhance your rides and instruction with FTP training and more from Keiser’s indoor cycling apps and group class system.

M Series

M Series Group

M Series Instructor


M Series App


With the free Keiser M Series App, indoor group cycling riders can easily track and log every detail of their rides on Keiser M3i Bikes to see their progress.


M Series Group App


With the free Keiser M Series Group App, indoor group cycling class instructors can ignite competition to inspire riders and keep them coming back for more.


M Series Instructor App


Instructors can view all the Keiser M3i Indoor Bikes in a group cycling class in a single list, with options to sort and view live data.

Compatible individual cycling apps

The Keiser M Connect Display and Keiser Studio Display can wirelessly share data, such as power, cadence, speed, and heart rate with third-party, health and fitness apps and on-demand training content.

Instructional cycling apps


The M3i can be used with apps that broadcast instructional cycling classes but do not log ride data or connect to the bike via Bluetooth, including the list below.

Compatible group projection systems


In addition to our own company-designed projection system, the M3i is compatible with a wide array of other major projection system providers, including the list below.

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