A420 upgrade to Windows 10 instructions

If you are updating an older install to Windows 10, we recommend the following procedure.

1. Update the version of A420 on the PC first. Connect PC to internet, click on Help -> Check for updates

2. Make a copy of the C:\A420 folder to external media such as a CD, USB mass storage or portable hard drive.

3. Install Windows 10, overwrite existing installation. Everything on the A420 PC hard drive will be over written. This is the reason for step 2. While an inplace update is possible, in testing we have encountered enough difficulty that we do not recommend doing so.

4. Install A420 software with downloaded file from this web page.

5. Device drivers for all the different serial add in cards we have shipped with A420 are located under C:\A420\Drivers

We have tested A420 on Windows 10 with the Titan brand serial cards which are marked PCIe-200 and is the device that has been shipping for the past year or more. Windows 7 tested drivers for the older cards are available in the Drivers folder, however we have not tested any of these with Windows 10, they may or may not work. The VSCOMM serial cards that were shipped with A420 at some point in the past are out of production and no longer available. If you encounter difficulty making VSCOMM cards work with Windows 10, contact Keiser service to purchase one of the Titan cards.

6. Copy the backup made in step 1 back over C:\A420\ folder. You now have all your data back in place and are ready to go

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