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First health club for older adults

Why Keiser for older adults?

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Frailty is under our control.
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The balance issue with seniors is the number one gripe.
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Power and speed are the name of the game for this market.
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Keiser gives me full range of motion without the jolt of traditional equipment.
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Keiser allows our clients to move with mobility.

Power and Speed are the name of the game

See why Age Performance says training with power and speed is exactly what anyone among its 40- to 90-year-old clientele needs, and why Keiser is the only equipment to train with.

Equipment Lines

  • Resistance Training
  • Functional Cable Training

Top senior living community

From frail to fit, Keiser builds strength & balance

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The number one cause of injury for our residents is falls.
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Easy resistance adjustments instead of moving pins and selecting weights.
02:46 :
Founder Dennis Keiser is open to suggestions from Vista Del Monte residents.
03:22 :
Vista Del Monte bought an entire fitness center of Keiser equipment…twice.

The versatility of keiser benefits every resident

Vista del Monte talks about how the versatility of Keiser has afforded its residents safe and successful training for over 20 years.

Equipment Lines

  • Cardio
  • Resistance Training
  • Functional Cable Training