Keiser Functional Trainer Exercises

Aug 31, 2021

A variety of exercises to develop functional, real-world power - on any plane, at any speed using Keiser's Functional Trainer.

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Overhead Squat

One Arm Bent Over Row

Hip Abduction

Single Leg Prone Leg Curl

Hip Adduction

Forward Lunge

One Leg One Arm Romanian Deadlift

Hip Flexion

Forward Step Ups

Bent Arm Russian Twist

Kneeling Cable Crunch

Front Squat

Alternating Jack Knife

Crossover Step Ups

Side Plank with Row

Arm Bicep Curl to Press

Standing Cable Rotation

Standing Cable Bends

Paloff Press

Broad Jump

Vertical Jump

Front Squat to Press

High Pull

Alt Standing Shoulder Press

One Arm Overhead Tricep Extension

Half Kneeling Cable Lift

Standing Side Lateral Raise

Standing Row

Standing Chest Press

Bicep Curls

Incline Alternating Chest Press

Incline Chest Press


Alternating Bench Flies

Tricep Extension Push Down

Scissor Jump

Hammer Curl

Standing Alt Lat Raise

Alt Standing Diagonal Chest Press

Single Arm Row with Rotation

Alternating Bent Leg Jackknife

Hammer Curl

Kneeling Shoulder Press

Hip Extension

Cable Push Pull

Cable Jump Slam

Seated High to Low Row

Flat Bench Press

Lateral Lunge

Kneeling Cable Chop

Standing Reverse Fly

Kneeling Alt Lat Pulldown

Overhead Squat

Standing Cable Fly