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Sleep: How can we sleep better?

Sleep is crucial to both our physical and mental health. It is the time when the body recovers, grows and strengthens its immune system. In this second article of our Sleep Series, we offer key tips for optimizing sleep for human performance. 

Sleep: The Chemical Force and Circadian Force

The chemical force and circadian force work together to regulate our sleep and wake cycles. In the first article of our Sleep Series, learn how to optimize these two forces in order to improve your human performance.

The "Power" of Keiser: Iron vs. Air Research

Recent peer reviewed studies (Frost 2008 and Frost 2012) have validated the “power” of pneumatics. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from both acute and chronic adaptation comparisons between mass and pneumatics.

Essentials - Keiser Resistance Training

Keiser Essentials is an introduction to Keiser's Resistance Training Platform including the history, the science behind our technology, the anatomy of our equipment, and how to maximize the use of Keiser Technology.

Keiser Functional Trainer Exercises

A variety of exercises to develop functional, real-world power - on any plane, at any speed using Keiser's Functional Trainer. 

Keiser Power Rack Exercises

A variety of exercises on a Keiser Rack using Keiser's dynamic variable resistance or a hybrid combination blending iron weight resistance with the air. 

Keiser Performance Trainer Exercises

A variety of exercises performed on the Keiser Performance Trainer, an adjustable high-low cable pulley system.  

Research on the Benefits of Strength Training in Older Adults

This area is designed to provide you with an overview of the considerable amount of research in older adult fitness that has been conducted using Keiser strength training equipment.

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