A420 fix right utility program

Use this utility if instructed to do so by technical support. The purpose of this program is to recover data lost on the right side of certain ten rep tests due to a bug in software in the processor module on the exercise machine prior to Version 3.26. This bug only affects ten rep tests that were done sequentially, resulting in some or all of the right side reps data being lost.

To use this utility, download the Air420 Fix Right Utility from here and save the downloaded file in any convenient location. The desktop or C:\A420 folder will do. There is no installer, this program stands by itself. To run the program, double click the FixRight.exe file that you just downloaded. When the program opens, select File -> Open from the menu. Next, browse to an A420 data file which you wish to repair and select open. The screen will be busy for a short while and then display done. At this point a new data file will have been created with the word 'fixed' added to the name, for example if the original data file that needed repair was named
2531 19-04-39 10-21-2010.csv, a new file named
2531 19-04-39 10-21-2010FIXED.csv will be created in the same folder.

This program attempts to recreate the peak data for the reps. This is the data that generates the "By Rep" tab and is also used to create the "Variable test chart" that is used to analyze ten rep tests. This program will make most of the "By Reps" chart functional after running and will also make the "Variable test" function. It will not recover work data per rep and also will not recover reaction time data.

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