Re-Engineering Human Performance Through Sleep

By Mike Hazle, Oct 01, 2021

Keiser's mission is to improve human performance with the most cutting-edge scientific information available. This series is about what some call the most powerful, legal, performance enhancing thing you can do - sleep. Learn from the following articles about how what we do during the waking hours will determine how well we sleep at night, setting up the next day's ability to perform. In the videos associated with the articles, you'll find tips and tricks to achieve recovery through sleep in order to perform under the most demanding physical and mental challenges. 

Sleep: The Chemical Force and Circadian Force

Learn about essential factors that we can control in order to get the best quality of sleep. Discover key points about how sunlight is the driving force behind your circadian rhythm. This article also covers the relationship between adenosine and caffeine as well as the differences between the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system.

Sleep: How can we sleep better?

The quality of your sleep is absolutely essential to performing well. Learn how to get a better night's rest by creating the perfect environment to make it easier to fall asleep and maintain that sleep. Best practices in temperature, light exposure and breathing techniques are explored in this article.

Sleep: The Repercussions of Not Doing It Right

It’s no secret that sleep is an important part of our lives. But did you know that lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health? The following article dives into some of the consequences of sleep deprivation and how it may affect your health.

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Underestimating the Importance of Sleep

Mike Hazel talks about lessons he learned about the importance of sleep as an Olympic athlete and in military special operations.

How to sleep better - Q&A

Mike Hazel jumps into a few questions with answers on how we can sleep better.

Tips for Optimizing Sleep

Tools and techniques Mike chooses to enhance the quality and depth of his sleep.

Breathwork Technique for Sleep

Mike shares a possible solution for sleep that has helped him in extremely high stress environments such as olympic games, world championships or combat environments.

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After a 10-year career on the World Athletics Tour and the Olympics, competing in 23 countries, winning 5 National Championships medals, working with the world's elite Special Operators as a U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Combat Controller (CCT)...Mike was left injured, exhausted, and empty inside even after achieving what most would call "The American Dream." A dream full of glamour, lights, material wealth and superficial possessions.

Over the years, the lights and fireworks of the Olympic stadium have faded and the wounds of Special Operations Training have healed. Mike has learned lessons from a life in the arena of the world's most stressful environments. These lessons will carry him farther than any athletic accomplishment or experience he has ever had. Now, his unwavering mission is to help people across the world learn the tools and techniques he has mastered and help them recover from high impact, high stress careers.

In his expansive 20-year career, on top of the highest level of athletics on the World's largest stages and Military Special Operations, Mike has been educated from the best sports physiologists, nutritionists and strength & conditioning coaches across the globe. Not only that, Mike has picked up along the way a master’s degree in Sports Management, a Bachelors in Kinesiology, a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Cross Fit certifications. Mike has also spent 6 years on the resident athlete advisory board at the US Olympic Committee's (USOC) Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.