Keiser Performance Trainer Exercises

Aug 28, 2021

A variety of exercises performed on Keiser's adjustable high-low pulley system, the Performance Trainer. The videos show 6 Keiser Performance Trainers configured in a space-saving, multi-user training zone called the Keiser Six Pack

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Stepping Cable Rotation

Side Plank with Row

Slap Shot

Broad Jump

Vertical Jump

Lateral Bound

Crossover Step

Cable Lift

Lunge to Punch

Cable Bar Pull Punch

Cable Row with Reverse Pivot

Lateral Slide

Lateral Walk

Bear Crawl

Paloff Press

Standing Cable Rotation

Paloff Overhead Hold

Goblet Squat to Press

Single Leg Chop

Single Leg Cable Lift

One Arm One Leg Romanian Dead Lift

Paloff Overhead Press

Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge

Hip Flexion

Hip Extension

Hip Adduction

Single Leg Prone Leg Curl

Hip Abduction

Crossover Lunge

Alt Standing Diagonal Press

Single Arm Standing Chest Press

One Arm Standing Row

One Arm Standing Shoulder Press

One Arm Standing Reverse Fly

One Arm Lat Pulldown Arm Under

Bicep Curl

Lateral Bear Crawl

Kneeling Straight Arm Pulldown

Horizontal Internal Rotation

Tricep Extension Pushdown

Kneeling Straight Arm Pulldown

Neutral Shoulder External Rotation

Face Pull

Horizontal External Rotation

Single Arm Bicep Curl to Press

Hammer Curl

Single Arm Split Jerk