Essentials - Keiser Resistance Training

Aug 31, 2021

Keiser Essentials is an introduction to Keiser's Resistance Training Platform including the history, the science behind our technology, the anatomy of our equipment, and how to maximize the use of Keiser Technology. 

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The guide to Keiser equipment

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Keiser Essentials Outline

1. Introduction

  • What is Resistance Training
  • The Status Quo
  • What is Keiser's Pneumatic Technology?

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2. The Keiser Resistance Platform

  • The Three Keiser Resistance Training Platforms
  • Dynamic Variable Resistance –Why Is It Important?
  • Types of Resistance Curves

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3. Anatomy of the Machine

  • The Heart – Keiser Air Compressor
  • The Arteries – Keiser Air Supply System
  • The Muscles – Keiser Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Keiser Resistance Controls
  • The Tendons – Keiser Linkage System
  • The Skeleton – Keiser Unit Frame
  • The Brain – Keiser Pneumatic Processor
  • The Eyes – Keiser Display
  • Keiser Chip System and Integrated Technology
  • The Keiser System

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4. Why Does the Type of Resistance Matter

  • The Role of Inertia
  • A Pound Is Not Always a Pound
  • The Force and Muscle Activation Killer – Momentum
  • Collateral Damage to the Human Body

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5. Keiser Testing Protocols

  • Strength Protocol and Procedures
  • Power Protocol and Procedures
  • Speed Protocol and Procedures

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6. The Five Trainable Qualities

  • The Five Qualities
  • Training Themes

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7. Human Body Systems and Adaptation

  • Muscular System
  • Nervous System
  • Skeletal System
  • Energy Systems

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8. The Research Behind Keiser Pneumatics

  • Acute Adaptation Comparisons
  • Chronic Adaptation Comparisons
  • Discussion

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9. Market Applications

  • Health Clubs
  • Sports Performance
  • Medical/Rehabilitation
  • Older Adult
  • Government
  • Hospitality

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10. Summary of Advantages

  • Versatility
  • Usability
  • Safety and Education
  • Testing Capabilities

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Commonly Asked Questions

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