Re-Engineering Human Performance

How to Prime the Body for Optimal Fat Loss

Mike Hazle’s Angle for Ideal Fat Loss Optimization

Sleep: How can we sleep better?

Sleep is crucial to both our physical and mental health. It is the time when the body recovers, grows and strengthens its immune system. In this second article of our Sleep Series, we offer key tips for optimizing sleep for human performance. 

Re-Engineering Human Performance Through Sleep

Learn how what we do during the waking hours will determine how well we sleep at night. Discover tips and tricks to achieve recovery through sleep in order to perform under the most demanding physical and mental challenges.

Sleep: The Chemical Force and Circadian Force

The chemical force and circadian force work together to regulate our sleep and wake cycles. In the first article of our Sleep Series, learn how to optimize these two forces in order to improve your human performance.

Sleep: The Repercussions of Not Doing It Right

How well a person sleeps every night can have a huge impact on their health, both mentally and physically. Here are some of the negative health consequences of not getting enough sleep.

How "Fat Burning" Works

Interesting and easy ways to maximize your body's ability to oxidize fat. Learn what happens when fatty acids are actually broken apart or mobilized and more interesting ways your body breaks down and uses fat for energy.

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